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Book Review of Thimble Kisses by Crystal Clifton

Thimble Kisses - Crystal Clifton, Jodi Stone

Andy wants to give his mom a very special gift for Christmas and after watching his favorite movie he has decided as to what that gift will be. With the help of his Dad and a local store heaccomplishes that very thing and makes Moms Christmas extra special along with his siblings Jenny, Suzy and Clayton.

Review 5*****

This is a very sweet children's story. I loved it!

Andy is a very thoughtful young man, who wants to get his mother a special gift for Christmas. I loved this little boy! He is so cute! In a way, he reminds me of my Nephews (whom I love dearly) when they were younger.

This is a very short story for children in the age range of 3 to 6 years as a bedtime story, and 7 to 8 for reading purposes. The story is very touching, and I fell in love with the illustrations by Jodi B Stone; they brought the story to life. As this book is Christmas themed, it would make a wonderful stocking filler for budding young readers (in print form). As I have read this on my Kindle, I did find the font might be a tad small for young eyes to read on their own. Luckily, the fonts can be changed on the Kindle. I do not know what the print book font is like; hopefully, it is a bit bigger so that children can read along with it as they get older.

Crystal Clifton is a debut children's book author. For a first book, it has a warmth and charm that I couldn't help but love. I am looking forward to seeing what other stories this author will produce in the future.

I highly recommend this book to young readers and to parents looking for a fantastic bedtime story filled with love. - Lynn Worton