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Book Review of Demon Inhibitions by Gary Starta

Demon Inhibitions (Caitlin Diggs) - Gary Starta

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the third book in which Caitlin Diggs appears. This time as a P.I. rather than an FBI Agent. This is a fantastic paranormal mystery that intrigued me from the moment I read the blurb. I really enjoyed it!

Caitlin Diggs is a fascinating character. She is an ex-FBI agent turned psychic P.I. after an incident with a special crystal that gave her paranormal abilities. I really liked her, as she struggled to cope with her new-found talents. She is feisty and has a tendency to be rather reckless; I'm surprised she hadn't been kicked out of the FBI for it! Being pulled into an alternative reality, she finds herself thrown into a dangerous cat and mouse game with a sadistic and deranged killer.

Demon Inhibitions takes the reader through a magical portal into a alternative universe where demons, vampires, lycans and other paranormal beings live along side humans. This story grabbed me from the first page! There are some intriguing characters brought to life in this story. Caitlin's alternative self is not exactly the same person, as she has had different experiences, but their lives are very similar in other ways and is still an FBI Agent, working in the Preternatural Crime Division. However, when she is killed, Caitlin steps into her life to catch the killer.
I love my cat, but I would love a cat similar to Bastet. Who wouldn't want a cat that could change from a house cat to a panther, as a protector? There are also other paranormal beings that intrigued me; witches, incubi and a girl with the ability to tame the bloodlust of vampires and demons with song. The story has a few references to the previous book, Extreme Liquidation, which I have not read. I found these flashbacks (for lack of a better word) helpful, as they helped me understand why Caitlin acted a certain way in different situations, and how she came into her powers. The ending had me wondering if there was another book to come, as it did not finish on a cliffhanger. However, if there were to be another book, I would definitely love to read it!

Gary Starta has written a fantastic science fiction/paranormal mystery story that kept me hooked from beginning to end! I enjoyed his writing style, which flowed wonderfully. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

I recommend this book if you love science fiction or paranormal mystery genres. - Lynn Worton