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Book Review of The Last Dragon (a spin off of The Witching Pen Novellas) by Dianna Hardy

The Last Dragon - Dianna Hardy

Review 6******

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the fourth book, and a spin off, of The Witching Pen series. I loved The Witching Pen novella's (a paranormal romance trilogy), so when I had the chance to get my hands on a copy of this book, I took it! I'm glad I did, because I loved it!

This story continues from the end of The Demon Bride. The barriers between the dimensions have dissolved and demons, angels and humans are struggling to come to terms with the change. Meanwhile, the dragon is beginning to stir. 
I usually do a character breakdown when doing a review, but this story is told from too many different points of view to do so this time. It was nice to visit with Elena, Karl, Morgana, Lucifer, Abaddon, Michael, Amy, Pueblo, Paul, Kattara and Kathrine again. To avoid giving away any spoilers, I am going to refrain from saying too much. I will say this: This story took me on a HUGE rollercoaster ride of emotion. There are some twists and turns in this story that completely took me by surprise - my jaw literally dropped at one point! I struggled to put this book down and was completely hooked from the first page!
I felt sad when I came to the end of the book, because I wanted to keep reading! I am not sure if there will be another book after this one, but I sincerely hope so because I would like to know Brennan's story; His future intrigues me!

Dianna Hardy is a fantastic author! I am a HUGE fan of hers! I love her writing style, which is fast paced and fluid. I am looking forward to reading more of her work in the future!

As this book contains scenes of explicit sex, I do not recommend this book for readers younger than 17. However, I HIGHLY recommend this book (PLEASE read the Witching Pen novella's first though!) if you love sexy demons, angels and witches! Oh, and dragons! - Lynn Worton