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Book Review of Legacy of Ra (Blood of Ra Book Three) by M. Sasinowski

Legacy of Ra - M. Sasinowski

The epic conclusion to the best-selling Blood of Ra Trilogy




The Rathadi, defeated and ravaged by illness, are in hiding.

Alyssa must awaken Horus's last memory to unlock her potential and claim her birthright as his Legacy.


Can she overcome her greatest challenges and fears, both from outside and within, and lead the Rathadi to victory in their fight against Nephthys?


Review 4.5 rounded up to 5*


The Legacy of Ra is the third and final book in the Blood of Ra trilogy. I loved it!


Alyssa Morgan is an interesting character. I love her take no prisoners attitude, but she also can be a little reckless. Alyssa has faced many challenges throughout the series and grown as a character. I love reading books like this. However, the final challenge she faces may be the biggest yet.


I have been eagerly awaiting this book. The story continues from the end of the second book. It sees Alyssa facing hostility from her half-brother, as well as from some of the Rathadi. With the death of Horus, Alyssa will need to unlock the last memory of his to gain her powers. Meanwhile, Paul and Natasha are in the clutches of Nephthys. As danger surrounds them all, will the Rathadi be able to cure the illness created by Nephthys? And will Alyssa manage to rescue her friends and gain her legacy?


As I said in my review of Heir of Ra, I love a good YA thriller/mystery, and this book has it in spades. I began to read it, and the action starts immediately and doesn't let you go until the last sentence. I love myths and legends, especially Egyptian folklore about their gods and goddesses, stories about Atlantis, and even alien origin theories, and this story has a fantastic mix of all these things.


Legacy of Ra continues in the same vein. Several twists and turns shocked and surprised me. There are also a couple of scenes that had me in tears. I loved meeting all the characters once more, some more than others. I reached the end of the book as an emotional wreck — that ending. I will not give anything away. However, I will say that I had mixed emotions and was left a blubbering idiot as I knew I would miss these characters. They have become friends. Although one could consider the ending as final, the author (in my opinion) has left room for him to potentially write another book or series following one of the other characters. Whether that was intentional or not, I cannot say. Nevertheless, if he does decide to do this in the future, I would be happy to read it.


M. Sasinowski is a fantastic author. As Heir of Ra was his first book, I think this author is one to watch. I love his fast-paced writing style. His characters come to life on the page, and I can picture the scenes in my mind's eye with ease. I also love the story flow, which runs smoothly from scene to scene. I am considering adding him to my favourite author's list.


This time, there are scenes of a sexual nature (not explicitly shown), and there is some violence, so I feel that parental guidance may be required. I highly recommend this book (and series) to teens and adults alike who love YA science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, thrillers, mysteries, mythology, and romance genres. - Lynn Worton