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Book Review of Seduced by a Demon King (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 17) by Felicity Heaton

Seduced by a Demon King (Eternal Mates #17) - Felicity Heaton

Saddled with a crown he never wanted, King Tegan of the Second Realm of demons is a warrior born for war stuck ruling in a time of peace, bound by the pact that cost his brother his life. Chafed by the ties that have held him shackled to his throne for the last thousand years, Tegan plans an escape from his prison—one stolen night meant to give him a taste of freedom, but one that will lead him to the greatest battle of his life.


A fight to claim the heart of a bewitching fae female who might be his fated mate.


According to many in her clan, and the idiotic incubi who infest the fae town where she lives, Suki puts the suck in succubus. Down on her luck, and in danger of being kicked out of the family she loves, she’s determined to prove her worth by bagging and tagging a powerful male. When she sets eyes on a mysterious, panty-melting demon warrior in a nightclub, things finally seem to be going her way, but his shadowed aura and guardedness warns he won’t be an easy mark.


Seducing him is going to be the fight of her life.


When the battle is done, will the victor have the forever they want, or will this war cost them both everything?


Review 5*


Seduced by a Demon King is the seventeenth book in the Eternal Mates series. I loved it!


King Tegan is someone we have previously met (but only in passing) in one of the earlier books in the series. He is the reluctant king of the Second Realm. This character is such a breath of fresh air to get to know. He is a warrior at heart, but with the death of his older brother over a thousand years previously, he has shouldered the burden of ruling the kingdom. Tegan is determined to break free from the shackles placed on him by his advisors and travels to the mortal world for treasure. Books. He is committed to enriching the lives of his people by bringing modern technology to Hell. What he didn't expect was to meet Suki.


Suki is another fantastic character. She is a succubus, though not a very good one. She has trouble with everything to do with being a succubus. I found Suki to be interesting. She struggles to feed, which means she feels that she's letting down her clan. So, Suki's full of angst at the beginning. However, as the story unfolds, she realises that she's stronger than she initially thought. I like watching a character like her grow into her potential. When she meets Tegan, she plans to seduce him but finds herself charmed by him instead.


I fell in love with this story. Recently, I have had issues with this series lack of momentum concerning the plot not moving forward. However, as I began to read this book, it made me look at the series as a whole. I still love it, and this book is an excellent addition to the series. Tegen and Suki's relationship is fun to watch as it develops through the book. Both characters are likeable and relatable. They both have baggage to deal with from their pasts before they can move forward into the future. There is kick-ass action both on and off the battlefield (one of the author's strengths is descriptive fight scenes).


One thing I love about the Eternal Mates world is the potential it has in bringing new characters and sub-plots into it. I also love the inclusion of characters from previous books and series. It was terrific to meet Payne from the London Vampires Romance Series once more. It made me wonder what the characters from that series are up to. Will the author include them in the potential final showdown with Archangel? I hope so!


Felicity Heaton has written another fast-paced, sexy paranormal romance that I thoroughly enjoyed! I love her fast-paced writing style, which flows effortlessly from scene to scene. She is on top of my favourite author's list.


I do not recommend this book to younger readers due to the extremely HOT and explicit sexual scenes. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love sexy paranormal romances full of vampires, elves, werewolves, cat shifters, succubi, incubi, angels, dragons, demons and demonesses. - Lynn Worton