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Audio/Book Review of The Vampire wants a Wife: Volume 1 (Supernatural Dating Agency) by Andie M. Long.

The Vampire wants a Wife (Supernatural Dating Agency Book 1) - Andie M. Long

Running a dating agency can be a killer… Shelley Linley is sick of sickos. Yet another prankster has applied to her dating agency. This one says he’s a vampire and he wants Shelley to help him find a wife. Meeting him for a second interview against all her better judgement, Shelley discovers that he has no clue about women. A shame because he’s super-hot, amusing, and has a lot of single friends he could recommend her struggling business to, even if he does say they’re werewolves and demons. She has to help him, even if he’s crazy. If she can ignore his delusions, she’s sure she can help him meet someone. But when death threats start arriving on her doorstep, Shelley’s not sure she’s cut out for the job…then her dating algorithm states she’s his ideal partner. Now she’s not sure if she should take the risk for love, or run like hell.


Welcome to Withernsea and the Supernatural Dating Agency, for readers of Michelle Rowen, Gerry Bartlett and Michele Bardsley who like their humour to have bite. Buy The Vampire wants a Wife to see if Theodore gets his happy forever after.


Review 4*


The Vampire Wants a Wife is the first book in a paranormal/supernatural comedy romance series.


I purchased a paperback copy of this book after reading the blurb several months ago. However, the audiobook version was recently gifted by the author, with no expectation of a review - positive or otherwise. I have not received payment for this review, and it is my honest opinion. This review is based on the audiobook as I haven't had a chance to read the paperback yet.


The audiobook is narrated by Angela Doll. I found her voice to be concise and clear. Unfortunately, I also found it a little monotonous. I struggled to differentiate between the different characters as well as the overall narration of the story. There was very little in the way of inflexion in the speech, so I couldn't tell if the characters were happy, sad, angry or otherwise. I'm not sure how many books this narrator had read previously, but I hope that she continues narrating. However, she needs to learn how to bring the characters to life by using different tones and inflexions. Maybe acting lessons may help?


Shelley Linley is an interesting character. I struggled to like her at first, but as the story unfolds, I find myself warming to her more. She's a single woman who runs an ordinary dating agency. However, one of the potential clients claims to be a vampire. This vampire is looking for a wife. However, Shelley thinks its all a big con. Determined to uncover the hoax and denounce the fraudster, Shelley agrees to interview the man. Unfortunately, all hell breaks out when danger threatens her life, and she finds out something about her past that will change her life forever.


The story is told mainly from Shelley's perspective, but Theo (the vampire) and Ebony (one of Shelley's friends) have a chapter each from their point of views. I think that if I had read this book instead of listening to it that I would give it 5 stars. Unfortunately, because of the narrator, I have had to mark it as a 4 star read instead. I love a good paranormal comedy romance, and this story is light and funny, with an entertaining plot.

As I mentioned in the character profile, I struggled to like Shelley, as well as connect with all the other characters. I think this had something to do with the narrator rather than the author and the story itself. There are several characters in this book that seem interesting, Theo, especially. It's a pity the author only wrote one chapter from his perspective. I would have liked to know more about his thoughts and feelings toward Shelley and his past life.

Nevertheless, I did feel sorry for Frankie. He's another character who has a minor role but who is pivotal later on in the story. I'm glad that there was a solution to his problem, which I won't divulge. I'll leave it to you to find out for yourselves. In the meantime, I am going to re-read this using my paperback copy because I feel that the narrator didn't do this book justice.


Andie M. Long is a British author who has written a lovely supernatural/paranormal romance. I haven't read any other books by this author, but I intend to change that in the future, as I love her writing style.


I highly recommend this book (but not the audiobook) to readers of paranormal romance and to those who love a little British humour with their rom-com. - Lynn Worton