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Book Review of How To Make a Mom by Claressa Swensen

How To Make a Mom - Claressa Swensen

The easy to follow recipe book on how to make a perfect mom. Note: Every mom is special and unique, you may need to change this recipe a little to fit your own needs.


Review 5*


How To Make a Mom is a fantastically sweet childrens book. It is a recipe book with a fantastic story of how to make a mom. Beautifully illustrated by Alena Paklina, this recipe book engages with children. It is easy to read for those just beginning to learn, as well as those slightly older children who have now grown big enough to help bake in the kitchen. Each page has an instruction for the child to follow, and before they know it, they've made chocolate chip cookies. The last page of the book has the full recipe and method. I felt like making them myself as it made me feel hungry. I guess this was the intention of the author, and she did an excellent job in imparting a recipe in an engaging and fun way.


This story is the second book I've read from this author. Claressa Swensen has a talent for telling a story that is simple but has a message behind it. The collaboration between herself and the illustrator is seamless. Alena Paklina's illustrations convey most of the story and complement the author's storytelling perfectly. I would consider reading more books by them both in the future, even though I'm not in the targeted age range.


I highly recommend this book to children between the ages of 4-8 for the story, though older children and parents may enjoy using the recipe at the back too. - Lynn Worton