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Book Review of The Lost Chalice (The Relic Seekers Book 3) by Anita Clenney

The Lost Chalice - Anita Clenney

Adrenaline-fueled adventure and epic romance mix seamlessly in the third installment of New York Times bestselling author Anita Clenney’s Relic Seekers series.


Relic hunter and archaeology expert Kendall Morgan has a lot on her mind. After finding the Fountain of Youth—and discovering that Nathan, her handsome billionaire boss, might actually be her long-lost childhood love—she could really use some time to think. Except a two-thousand-year-old Protettori guardian has just teleported into her bathroom, desperate for help.


The Reaper, an ancient and sinister being consumed with finding the world’s most powerful relics, is after the Holy Grail. Now Kendall must use her sixth sense to find it first. With both Nathan and her brooding bodyguard, Jake, by her side, Kendall sets out to find the lost chalice in a dangerous quest that will test her abilities, her heart, and everything she thought she knew.


Review 4*


This is the third book in The Relic Seekers series. I loved it!


Kendall Morgan is a wonderful character. However, I sometimes wanted to shake some sense into her right from the start. She works for a billionaire as a relic finder. She has a special gift that allows her to track down, as well as know things about, the artifacts she procures for her boss. When her boss, Nathan Larraby, asks her to locate four powerful relics, little does she realise the danger she will face or the secrets she will uncover. Nathan's reclusive nemesis known only by the name of Reaper (as in Grim) is also after the artifacts. But Kendall is also fighting her attraction to her co-worker, Jake Stone, and her handsome boss.


This is an urban fantasy romance with a twist. I started reading the story and was instantly hooked. The story is told through the view points of Kendall and Jake for the most part, but as it progressed, other characters, namely Nathan, also has his say.


I found myself on a roller coaster of emotion as the story unfolded. I enjoyed getting to know the characters better and we are introduced to quite a few new ones too.


The story continues from the end of book two and the reader gets to delve deeper into the Protettori and how and when it was established. This means that we also get to find out more about the Guardian, Raphael, and Marco, the keeper of the relics for the Protettori. We also get to know a little more about the Reaper and his relationship to not only the Protettori, but to one of the other characters. There are other surprises that are revealed too.


The story is just as exciting as the first two, and the author brings two myths together - that of the fountain of youth and the chalice once used by Jesus before he was crucified. However, I still found myself wondering about the trio's relationship and growth (or lack) of it into a threesome. There is definite chemistry between the three; Jake and Nathan don't find each other attractive so much, but they both have feelings for Kendall. I could see the potential for a threesome, but the author seems to have shied away from committing them to this type of relationship. Yet. I don't know if the author plans on continuing with this series, but I hope she does as it feels unfinished to me. The ending was left a little ambiguous, which made me feel disappointed as well as hopeful. If this series will not have at least another book written to conclude it, then I will be most aggrieved. I really want to go on another adventure with these three, and to see whether their relationship grows further.


Anita Clenney has written an intriguing paranormal romance full of action and adventure. I love her fast paced writing style and the flow is wonderful. I would definitely consider reading more books by this author in the future, and there is a high probability that I would add her to my favourite authors list too.


Due to scenes of a sexual nature (which are not explicit), as well as some violence, I do not recommend this book to young readers. However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal/supernatural romances/romantic suspense/urban fantasy/action/adventure or myths and/or legends genres. - Lynn Worton