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WitchLove (WitchBlood Series)

WitchLove (WitchBlood Series) - Emma Mills This is the third book in the Witchblood series. I absolutely LOVED it!Jess is a fantastic character! As the story has progressed over the previous two books (and now this one), she has grown in depth emotionally. She has had to face loss several times, which has hardened her slightly. That's not to say she is not caring, far from it. She probably cares too much. This is a fantastic continuation of the story. I was hooked from the first page. As I started reading this book, I realised that I had missed these characters! Jess, Daniel, Eva, Luke and even Brittany, felt like old friends you haven't heard from for a while, and then you hear from them again, and suddenly you remember why you liked them. They are wonderful characters and very likeable. I was also happy to meet Noah and Susannah, but not so much Saffy (who is a piece of work, let me tell you!). This story has a slightly darker feel to it. You would think that being a vampire/witch, Jess couldn't get into further trouble. However, think again! This book takes a dip into Voodoo, with zombies and dark magic. The last few scenes in the book are hard to describe without giving anything away. However, I was completely shocked and surprised at the epilogue! I certainly didn't see that coming!!! My first thought was, "What the...", closely followed by "Oh, no!!" and then "Urghhh, how could she (the author) do that to me?!". I will say that I hate cliffhangers with a passion, but I also love them too! They make me frustrated, and craving the next part of the story RIGHT NOW!Emma Mills has written a fast paced story that flows beautifully. It is also a masterpiece of originality. I have never read anything like it before. I highly recommend this YA Paranormal Romance if you love stories with vampires, witches and angels. - Lynn Worton