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Book Review of The Sidekick Chronicles, Volume II (A Gryphon Series Novella) by Stacey Rourke

The Sidekick Chronicles Vol II; a Pirates Tale (Gryphon Series) - Stacey Rourke

Review 6******

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this novella. When it was released, I snapped up a copy as quickly as I could!

Rowan Wade is an enigmatic character. A rogue, a member of the Dark Army and a pirate, he hides a softer side that he very rarely shows.

I wasn't sure about Rowan when I first met him in Embrace, but I fell in love with him in Sacrifice. This is his story where we journey through his history. I found this tale very touching, and I think I have fallen even more for him - if that's at all possible! I now understand his motivation behind joining the Dark Army. It's not exactly a happy tale, but it is an exciting one! I was totally hooked from the first page! I loved getting to know Rowan a bit more, and I am now looking forward to reading either another novella or another novel in this fabulous series! 

Stacey Rourke is a fantastic author! Her imagination has created an amazing YA series that is completely unique! She is one of my top authors on my Favourite Authors List. I will read ANY book that she writes in the future.

I recommend this book (and the whole Gryphon series so far) to everyone who likes their YA romances to be full of action, danger, wit, sarcasm and adventure! - Lynn Worton