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Book Review of Hannah's Heartache - A Master of Whitehall Novelette by Rick H. Veal

Hannah's Heartache - A Master of Whitehall Novelette - Rick H. Veal

Hannah Richards has her life all planned out … she was born and raised in tiny little Waycross, Georgia … and she wants nothing more than to spread her wings and fly away. She wants to experience life and find out what the world holds in store for her. It looks to her like all her plans are about to come together … she graduates high school in two months … has a full scholarship to her favorite college … and she’s the captain of the cheerleading squad … which she has single-handedly guided through to the State wide finals in Savannah. But after arriving in Savannah, she wakes to find herself thrust headlong into a new world … and it’s anything but the world she expected.


Review 4*


This is a wonderful short story. I really enjoyed it!


Hannah Richards is a wonderful character. I liked her very much. A cheerleader at school, she finds herself thrown into a world she didn't know existed. With the help of Agalia (or Gale as she is now known), Hannah slowly comes to terms with her new life as an immortal.


Having previously read all of the Master of Whitehall novels, I was eager to read this novellette. As it is only a short story, it didn't take me long to read.


Hannah's story touched me deeply. The story is told through her eyes. Her story could have ended a lot differently if Gale had not found her. Nevertheless, I am glad that she did. I enjoyed getting to know her a little better as she pieced her shattered life back together. Changed by an unknown rogue, Hannah now faces the future with an immortal family that are as formidable apart as they are deadly together. It was nice meeting all of the characters from the previous books again too: James, Katelyn, Dale, Lexi, Charlotte Ann and Sarah. It was like meeting up with friends. My only complaint is that the story was too short! Be that as it may, this is a charming story and I wonder if there will be anymore books in this saga? I guess only time will tell.


Rick Veal has written an intriguing short story. His characters are lifelike and likable. His writing style is fast paced. The flow of the story is wonderful, this kept me turning the pages. He's now on my favourite authors' list. I would definitely read more of his work in the future.


There are no explicit scenes, so I recommend this book for younger readers aged 13 and up . - Lynn Worton