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The House of Balestrom

The House of Balestrom - William  Butler When Susan's husband, Victor Balestrom, dies mysteriously in a tragic accident, Susan is suspected in killing him. She calls on her sister Sara and her husband David to come to the private island owned by the Balestrom's, to be at her side during this trying time. Sara's and David's visit becomes twisted by someone who not only want's Susan to pay for her crimes, but they want revenge as well. Can Sara find out who is behind everything before it's too late? Who is the mysterious man Sara sees roaming the island and terrorises her?I don't usually read this genre of book, but I decided to give it a try, as the story line intrigued me.Sara and her husband are both teachers, and have been sent for by Sara's sister, Susan, who has lost her husband in a terrible accident. The suspense and mystery kept me glued to the pages. I kept thinking I would work it out, but there were many red herrings and twisted turns in this story! I'm not even sure that I liked it; I have very mixed feelings. I gave it 5 out of 5 because I actually enjoyed the story, but I cannot say that I loved it. On one hand, it was masterfully written and executed. On the other, it scared me! I suppose that's the mark of an excellent story teller. They take you on a journey, and sometimes you might love it and sometimes hate it, but in the end you've been on a wild ride. I recommend this book if you like suspense/mystery/horror.