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Saving Bobby

Saving Bobby - Crystal Cattabriga Review 6 out of 5Bobby's world comes crashing down on his thirteenth birthday. Terrified and determined not to lose the only person who has ever truly loved him, his mother, Bobby runs away in search for a way to save her. On his journey he meets Annie, a runaway herself. Together they embark on a voyage of friendship that will last forever, and the true meaning of God. Can Bobby save his mother in time? Will Annie go back to the life she had?I LOVED this story! Although I am not overly religious, I do believe that there is a heaven. Bobby's plight is just like everyone's when someone in the family becomes ill. He begins to question "why?". He basically has a crisis of faith. He is a sweet character and I felt for him as I read his story. In fact I shed more than a few tears as I read this book! I loved his determination not to take "no" for an answer, in an effort to help his mother. When Bobby meets Annie, a friendship develops and she helps Bobby with his quest.Crystal has written a beautiful book, filled with emotion and a message that God is listening if we open our hearts. There are a few surprises and a couple of twists, which keep you thinking and wondering what was really going on. I recommend that you read this book whether you are religious or not. It is a beautiful story that left me with a hopeful, warm feeling. I am placing Crystal on my favourite authors list, and I hope to read more of her stories in the future.