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Deathless: Book Two in the Blue Fire Saga

Deathless: Book Two in the Blue Fire Saga - Scott Prussing College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was a small child. That's when her mother began acting strangely, saying that the sunlight hurt her skin because she had been bitten by a one-fanged vampire.This doesn't mean Leesa believes in them. Nor does she believe in blue fire, people living for centuries, or kisses that can kill. But when her brother disappears, she's forced to consider these and more. She knows her new boyfriend, Rave, likes her a lot, but why won't he kiss her?As she draws closer to finding her brother, can Leesa cure her mother? Should she continue seeing Rave, when he exposes his dangerous secret? And should she make the ultimate sacrifice to save her brother?This is a great paranormal romance story, but it is also full of intrigue and danger. Leesa is a college freshman, who's mother has always insisted that she had been bitten by a one-fanged vampire. Leesa has a healthy scepticism with regards to the existence of vampires, but soon comes to realise there's more truth to her mothers stories than she ever imagined. Leesa is a fantastic character. She is a shy teenager, who has overcome a lot of obstacles with the help of her brother, Bradley. When he goes missing, she takes it upon herself to try to find him. She meets Rave, who is a vampire hunter. Rave is a fascinating and dangerous character. He's tall, dark and handsome. But I certainly wouldn't want to be a vampire when he's around! Then there's Stephan! He's one sexy vampire! Enough said!This story is in essence a romance novel, but there are elements of intrigue and danger that kept me turning the pages. I loved the inclusion of one-fanged vampires, as most vampire stories make them out to be perfect, with no flaws. Scott has created a world that is more realistic because of it's flawed characters. I would highly recommend you read this book if you love a great story full of romance and/or vampires. I am now looking forward to reading the remaining books in the Blue Fire Saga.