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Sojourn (Time Rovers - Book 1)

Sojourn - Jana Oliver Review 6 out of 5Jacynda Lassiter is a time rover from 2057. She is sent back to 1888 to collect an overdue tourist from Victorian London. Whilst there, she meets two gentlemen who have secrets of their own; one a doctor, the other a police officer. But when one of her colleagues from 2057 is found murdered in 1888, Jacynda is caught in a world of mystery and intrigue that could change history forever, unless she can find the madman and stop her future from disappearing.After reading Jana Oliver's Demon Trapper series, I decided to find out if she had written anything else. I found, to my delight, that she had.Sojourn is completely different to the Demon Trappers series in that it's aimed at a slightly older reading audience. It has a more adult theme.I fell in love with this story! I love Jana's style of writing; I feel as if I'm in Victorian London whilst reading this book. The descriptions of places and people are vivid, and I can easily picture them in my minds eye. If time travel was possible, I might decide to join Jacynda on her adventures.I recommend this book if you like history, adventure, intrigue, mystery and a pinch of paranormal. Oh, and chocolate!