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Virtual Evil (Time Rovers, Book 2)

Virtual Evil - Jana Oliver Review 6 out of 5Jacynda Lassiter is continuing her time travelling adventure in 1888, but she has orders to locate the greatest of all Time Rovers and send him back to 2057 without his consent. It's a catch-22 situation. If she does as she is ordered, she will be labelled a traitor by her contemporaries; if she doesn't, she'll be sent to prison for a decade.Meanwhile, Jonathon Keats is still looking for an Irish anarchist and the missing explosives. With his inability to use his shape-shifting, Keats's troubles have just begun. Can his friend Alistair Montrose uncover who has framed him for murder? If not, Jonathon might be next for the hangman's rope.This is the second book of the Time Rovers series. Jana did it again: I LOVED IT! It continues the story from Sojourn and keeps up a relentless pace throughout. Jacynda has been given the task of locating the greatest of all Time Rovers. It's not an easy task, but failure is not an option either. I love Jacynda's character. She is feisty and sharp as a tack! And I absolutely love her personal hallucination! I love both Jon and Alistair's characters too. They are both good looking, but they have the most amazing personalities. I wish I could actually meet them in the flesh! This book is an emotional roller-coaster. It takes you on a ride, and when it is over, you want to go on it again! I'm glad the story continues in Madman's Dance, which I will be reviewing soon!