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Stained (YA Paranormal Romance) (Stained Series)

Stained (YA Paranormal Romance) (Stained Series) - Ella James Milo Mitchell lived a charmed life before her father died. Afterwards she began to pull away from her friends and spent every Saturday morning in a treehouse with a tranquilliser gun for company, and a herd of deer for friends. Nothing exciting ever happens until one day she shoots a fawn, and find's she actually had darted a guy. Her victim is dressed in a tux and armed with a hanky. When he comes to, he has no idea who, or where he is. Thinking the sedative had caused the amnesia, Milo takes him home, names him Nick and tries to help him solve the mystery of his identity. Nick begins to have memories of Milo, but Milo is sure they have never met. When the Ministry of Defence shows up, Nick and Milo run. But can they find out the truth and survive a shocking conclusion that could destroy both of their worlds?Another great story from Ella James! I just loved both Milo and Nick. These characters are sympathetically written and I could relate to them emotionally. The story started slowly, but as it went on, it built to a crescendo and I couldn't stop reading! I was disappointed when it finished, because it kept me on the edge of the seat wondering what was going to happen next! The cliffhanger at the end had my heart pounding in excitement! I absolutely love these kinds of books, but feel frustrated because I want to finish the story NOW! But with it being a trilogy, I guess I will just have to wait for the next installment. *Huffs impatiently*. Ella has written a fantastic adventure/mystery/romance that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I would recommend this book to everyone. If you haven't read any of her books yet, I suggest you do so. Ella is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.