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Birth of a Wizard (The Energy Chronicles: Book II)

Birth of a Wizard (The Energy Chronicles) - M.J. Schutte Review 6 out of 5Brighton, Lilian, their children and two dear friends have crossed the Western boundary in search of a new, peaceful life.Just as they think they have settled down, tragedy strikes and Brighton is forced to use his gift. This causes Brighton to earn an unwanted reputation, which will haunt them for years to come. Can Brighton and Lilian overcome the adversity which haunts them?This is the second book by MJ Schutte of the Energy Chronicles. I absolutely LOVED it. The story carries on from the end of Energy. Brighton, Lilian and the children, along with their two friends, Adri and Brac, have crossed the western boundary and have decided on settling down in Fenton. I love all the characters in this book! MJ has written a fantastic series. I love the action and the romance! As I read this book, I became a honoured observer of the trials and tribulations of the most realistic characters to leap out of a book. Sometimes I felt like I was right in the midst of the action. There is more than one scene in which I absolutely felt I was there. It was EPIC! I am in awe of the ability of this author to pull a reader into his world. I am definitely going to read more of his books in the future! If you haven't read the first book, Energy, I recommend that you do.