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Crave (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 2)

Crave (V.E.T Vampire Romance Series Book 2) - Felicity E. Heaton Callum is a part owner in a vampire theatre called Vampirerotique, along with three other vampires. He is on a mission to recruit new talent to the theatre. But when he sees Kristina, he is consumed with desire for her. There is only one problem; she's a werewolf and therefore to be considered an enemy of vampires.Kristina is on the run from her pack. Her alpha is intent on forcing her to bear his children. When she meets Callum, she is unprepared for the desire she feels for him.Will she accept his offer to share his bed for a week of unbridled passion, or will she surrender to her craving of the safety she feels in his embrace?Warning: This book is for adults only!This is the second installment in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series by Felicity Heaton. This book is just as steamy as Covet and has scenes of explicit sex. I love these two characters. Callum is a super sexy vampire! He has a kinky streak, which I think suits his character as a recruiter for his theatre. He certainly gets under the skin of Kristina! She's a feisty werewolf, who doesn't want to become a breeding machine for her alpha. When they get together, you could feel the heat coming off the page! I loved the story and was pleasantly surprised at the ending. It's a fantastic read! As a bonus, there is a first chapter preview of the next book.Felicity has created a craving in me for more of her books! I admit that I have succumbed and purchased a few more of her novels recently, which I am planning to get to in the near future. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Seduce, which is due for release in June