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The Birth of Jaiden

The Birth of Jaiden - Jennifer Malone Wright A prophecy spoken of many years ago, foresaw the birth of a special child who has the power to destroy the world. Alexander Lucas is a one hundred year old vampire, who has been given the task of keeping the baby girl safe from his arch enemy, Malcolm.To keep her safe, Alexander must raise her as his own. However, can he resist his vampire tendencies and look after a human baby?I loved this story! It has a totally different take on the supernatural. I loved the fact that vampires, angels, witches and demons have a council and actually have civilised meetings to discuss issues.Alexander came over as actually quite human, apart for his occasional vampire tendencies for blood. He hates being a vampire and is still religious. He has a tendency to be slightly over cautious with his sleeping arrangements, but with enemies and vampire hunters, I suppose I would be slightly paranoid too.When he finds Jaiden abandoned in a dumpster, it is the start of a quest that will pit him against Malcolm, a vampire who is very power hungry.Jennifer Malone Wright has written a fast paced story that kept me turning the page. I quickly fell in love with the cast of characters, even the demon! The "bad" vampires were suitably creepy and cruel. When I got to the end of the book, I was a bit disappointed; I wanted to keep reading! I hope that Jennifer has got her writing cap on and is nearly finished the next book, because the suspense to find out what happens next is killing me! I would not recommend it for younger readers (under 12's), or those with a nervous disposition, as there are some really brutal scenes. But having said that, I highly recommend this book if you love action/adventure/vampires and a fantastic story.