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Her Dark Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 1)

Her Dark Angel  - Felicity E. Heaton Apollyon has been living in Hell guarding the bottomless pit, waiting for his master's call. He longs to fly over Earth again, but his master hasn't called on him in centuries. When the call finally comes, Apollyon finds he has a new master. A beautiful woman he had often watched over.Serenity is shocked when Apollyon appears, claiming she had called him when she had only cast a simple vengeance spell to seek revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend. Can Serenity resist her dark angel?Warning: This book is strictly for adults! There are scenes of an explicit nature not suitable for younger readers.This is another series by Felicity Heaton that I love!Apollyon is the original angel of death, but he has been guarding the bottomless pit for his master for several centuries. He is very lonely, and passes the time by looking into a special pool of water, watching the people on Earth. When he hears a call from his master, he answers it.Serenity is a mortal, but she is also a witch. When she casts what should be a simple vengeance spell, she it totally unprepared for Apollyon's appearance.I loved both of these characters, and I was slightly disappointed that the book was so short. I felt that it could have been a bit longer. However, I will forgive Felicity, because the story is fantastic (as usual) and has some great moments in it. The coffee scene made me chuckle! Apollyon is the perfect dark angel! The passion between the two characters nearly burns the pages up! I highly recommend this book if you want to get all hot and bothered!