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Firelight (Firelight #1) - Sophie Jordan Jacinda is a draki, descended from dragons and has the ability to shift into a human form. She has a very rare ability to breathe fire. This makes her very special to her people. However, when she rebels against the rules set by the elders, her family is forced to flee into the human world and her draki spirit begins to fade. When she meets Will, her draki spirit revives. The only problem is his family hunts her kind. With danger on every side, can Jacinda and Will be together?I absolutely loved this story! I loved the way Sophie Jordan has created a world where a dragon could transform into a human. Usually, it's a human that transforms. This, in my eyes, makes this book stand out from the crowd.Jacinda is an interesting character. She is a teenage draki, who is one of the rarest of their kind. She is the only fire-breathing dragon to be born for centuries. Unfortunately, she also has a stubborn streak. When she defies the law, her mother flees with Jacinda and her twin sister, Tamra, to a city called Chaparral in the desert. When she meets Will and her draki spirit wakes up, she finds she is unable to stay away from him.Will is gorgeous! Unfortunately, his family is very dangerous to all draki - they are dragon hunters. Will feels drawn to Jacinda, but does't know why.I was totally enthralled with this book! The idea that dragons evolved into people was novel to me, but with all the myths and legends in history, I'm surprised I didn't think of this before! Sophie Jordan has taken a "what if" and turned it into a fantastic tale that has captured my imagination. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in the Trilogy. Vanish is out in hard copy now, but the paperback is only due for release in September this year. I highly recommend this YA Paranormal Romance if you love a fantastic story that leaves you begging for more.