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Her Warrior Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 3)

Her Warrior Angel (Her Angel: Bound Warriors #3) - Felicity Heaton Einar is one of the best of Heaven's hunters. He's on a mission to find out why an angel is working with demons. When he manages to track a demon down, he finds it fighting a beautiful woman. He intervenes and saves her life. Taylor has been protecting London from lower demons for most of her life. She's not going to let a gorgeous angel take over her job. She's certainly not going to fall in love with him if she can help it. The reason being she is half demon. There is no love more forbidden than between angel and demon. When Taylor convinces Einar to partner her instead, will their forbidden love have a happy ending, or will the fear of the consequences keep them apart?Warning: This book is for adults only, due to scenes of an explicit nature.This is the third book in Her Angel series by Felicity Heaton. I absolutely love Felicity's stories! Einar is a fascinating angel. He is a warrior who is dedicated to finding out the truth. He is appalled to find out that one of their own has been working with demons, and framed Lukas (from Her Fallen Angel). He is on the trail of one of the demons when he comes across Taylor fighting it. He rescues her, but she is not impressed.Taylor is half-human and half-demon. Demons and angels aren't meant to fall in love, but the attraction between the two is irresistible. This story is slightly longer than the other two, and is packed full of action. It can be read as a standalone book, but as I love reading books in series, it is a welcome addition to my library. The introduction of Villandry, a vampire, added a new dimension to the tale. I highly recommend this book if you love angels, and a story that gets your blood pumping!