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Solstice (Moxley Trilogy #1 ) - Bryan W. Dull Review 7 out of 5ARC ReviewGavin Moxley is a vampire hunter, and hunts vampires who have yet to fully transform. These vampires have been infected with the deadly AIDS virus by a vampire who is purposely infecting people and turning them. Whilst on a hunt, he meets Solstice, a half breed vampire child, who asks for his help and protection. Gavin unwillingly takes Solstice into his care, in exchange for information on the infected vampires.Solstice's existence is rare, and she is wanted by the vampires for her "ability" to walk in sunlight. Can Gavin and Solstice evade their pursuers long enough to survive?This is a fantastic story that does not sugar coat vampires, and shows them as the monsters they are. This story gripped me from the first page! There are some gruesome scenes that are not for the faint hearted. I loved the father/daughter dynamic between Gavin and Solstice.Having lost his family to a gruesome murder, Gavin goes on a one man crusade to rid the world of vampires. However, his hatred is slightly tempered by the arrival of Solstice.Solstice is an anomaly in the vampire world. Her mother was attacked by a vampire whilst carrying Solstice; this changed her into a half breed, able to walk in the daylight. The ending has a huge and shocking twist, which has me now champing at the bit for the rest of this series!Bryan's descriptions and imagination leaves me speechless! The story is fast paced and flowed beautifully; I could easily see this on the movie screen one day.I highly recommend this book if you love a fantastic thriller/horror story with bite (pun intended!).