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Arrival of the Prophecy

Arrival of the Prophecy - Robin Renee Ray Review 6 out of 5This story is unlike any other werewolf story I have read before! Anthony Michelle is the King of the werewolves, but if it wasn't for a twist of fate, he may never have met Sky Delaney.Anthony is a complex character. He is a fair King and respects his people, who in turn respect him. I could easily fall in love with him myself! Sky is a woman who is not comfortable in social settings, and prefers to stay at home with her cats. I can relate to her, as I have a similar temperament! However, after meeting Anthony, something begins to change, and she becomes more self-assured.As the story unfolded, I became engrossed in not only a love story, but a story of a prophecy.There are some other fascinating characters that round up this wonderful tale. There is Darren and his brother Peter, and their over-bearing mother (that's one nasty lady I tell you!), plus a few others.Robin Renee Ray has written a fantastic story that kept me hooked from the first page! I highly recommend this book. However, this book is not for the faint-hearted, as it does contain some pretty gruesome scenes! Your imagination could have a field day - mine certainly did! The imagery and detail that goes in to every scene is meticulous! I would certainly read more of Robin's books in the future.