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Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) - Linda Poitevin Review 6 out of 5Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis is trying to catch a serial killer, who is wreaking havoc in her city. Having a new partner assigned to her whilst in the middle of a case is the last thing she wanted. Jacob Trent is arrogant and totally uncooperative. However, if they are to catch the serial killer, they will both have to work together.Working undercover with mortals goes against everything Aramael believes in, but with his brother's escape from limbo, he has no choice. Can Alex and Aramael work together as a team and catch Caim before he kills again? Will Alex find out Aramael is not who he seems?I bought this book on a whim. I'm glad I did! It is a fantastic story that swept me away! This book has points of view from different characters, and this made it play out in my mind like a movie.Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis is a fascinating character. She is totally dedicated to her job, and is one of the top detectives in her branch. Her dedication comes at a price though. Her mother was schizophrenic, who killed her husband and herself when Alex was a child. Alex found her parents and their deaths have haunted her ever since.Aramael is a Power, one of the hunters of the Heavenly realm that hunt the Fallen. When his brother escapes from limbo into the mortal world, Aramael is sent to guard Alex from him.As I started reading this story, I thought it would be an Angel/Human romance novel. How wrong I was! Instead I began to read the most compelling detective novel with so many twists, turns and sub-plots that I was completely hooked! That's not to say that the attraction the two main characters felt for each other didn't almost burn the pages! However, they both fight the attraction for their own reasons. The main focus of the story however, was the gruesome murders committed by Caim. The ending left me with conflicted emotions, but I can honestly say that it wasn't what I expected.Linda Poitevin has written a fantastic story that has left me wanting more. I am now looking forward to reading the second book, Sins of the Son. A word of caution: there are several instances of profanity peppered throughout the novel, so if you do not like swearing in your literature, I do not recommend this book to you. However, I highly recommend this book if you love reading a fantastic Urban Fantasy novel that gets your heart pumping!