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Skeleton Key (Clay and Tanner Thomas Series)

Skeleton Key  - Jeff LaFerney Review 7*******This is the second story in the Clay and Tanner series, and it sure doesn't disappoint! I absolutely LOVED it!Through a traumatic event during their births, both Clay and Tanner have developed abilities and powers that seem to be growing.Clay is a wonderful character. He has definitely become more at ease with the idea, and use, of his powers, but he still has reservations. He is a lot happier now that he can share the burden with his son, and Dr. Zander Frauss, their friend. His powers are developing and he finds he can hear ghosts.Tanner is his usual cheerful self and a good foil for his more cautious Dad. He likes to test his powers, not maliciously, but he is definitely more adventurous.When Zander asks Clay and Tanner for their assistance in a case, they accept, but they are not prepared for what they find.Skeleton Key is a fantastic book that swept me along in a suspenseful mystery. Jeff Laferney has written a fast paced suspense novel, with lots of twists and turns. There were so many suspects that when the real culprit was revealed, I was totally surprised! There is less sport in this novel than the previous one, but the basketball court action that was portrayed was exciting and had me sitting on the edge of the seat!There were some great moments in this book that kept me smiling. The most memorable scenes were the ones containing the squirrel and the midget (they were not together in them mores the pity!). The descriptions were so real, I could almost see it happening in front of me! At one point, I think I snorted with laughter whilst reading in the cafe I was sitting in. That being said, this book definitely kept and held my attention from the first page. I'm now looking forward to reading Bulletproof, the next book in the series, to follow my favourite mind manipulating good guys! I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a great paranormal book that takes you on a fantastic journey!