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Seduce (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 3)

Seduce  - Felicity E. Heaton Review 6******This is the third book in Felicity Heaton’s Vampire Erotic Theatre Series. I am a HUGE fan of Felicity’s, so when she announced the release of this book, I downloaded my copy as soon as I could.Sera is a turned human, who has set her sights on Antoine, an aristocrat vampire of immense power. She is a very tenacious character. Once she sets her mind on seducing Antoine, even her sire can’t change her mind.Antoine is a part owner in the Vampirerotique theatre, along with his brother Snow, and two other vampires, Javier and Callum. He is a tortured soul. He is terrified of getting too close to anyone, because of the bloodlust that controls not only his brother, but himself. When Sera sets out to seduce him, he finds himself unable to resist.This is another fabulous erotic romance from Felicity Heaton.I loved the way Sera is single-minded in her determination to crack Antoine’s shell; I loved the one scene where Sera goes to Snow and requests a certain item. The reaction of Snow’s made me giggle. However, it also brings to the fore Snow’s predicament with regards to his bloodlust, and the effect it has on Antoine.In this book, we also see a bit more of Snow. He intrigues me! I would love to read his story in the future.In the meantime, I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Enslave, which is due for release in August.Please note, there are scenes of light bondage and explicit sex, so I do not recommend this book for anyone who is squeamish, or is under the age of 16. However, if you are looking for a HOT read with some equally HOT vampires, I highly recommend this book.