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The Sands Of Time (The Witching Pen Novellas, no.2)

The Sands Of Time (The Witching Pen Novellas, #2) - Dianna Hardy Review 6******This is the second book in the Witching Pen Novellas, and I thoroughly loved this book!Elizabeth May is an enigma. She cannot remember her life or why she would want to kill herself. Confused, she struggles to remember something from her life. She is a fantastically strong character, amnesia not withstanding. She knows something is not right, but doesn't know what.Pueblo is a shape-shifting demon, who is blood bonded to Amy, a witch. He is a typical Alpha male. He is strong, handsome and terrified that he won't find Amy. I love his character! If he can't be my boyfriend, I would certainly love him to be my big brother! Even though he is a half demon, not all demons are bad, and he is definitely one of the good guys.This is a romance story that captured my imagination, and kept me glued to the pages with the mystery of Amy's disappearance, and Elizabeth's amnesia. However, there were other characters in this tale that have a little side story of their own in this book.A word of warning. This book does have some sexually explicit and violent scenes that are not for those of a nervous disposition.There is a twist in this tale that surprised me, because I never saw it coming! If you are looking for a fantastic paranormal romance, then I highly recommend this book and series. I am now looking forward to reading the next story! Dianna Hardy is fast becoming one of my favourite authors, and I will be keeping my eye out for more of her books in the future.