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Enslave (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 4)

Enslave  - Felicity E. Heaton Review 6******This is the fourth book in the Vampire Erotic Series by Felicity Heaton. As soon as I found out that it had been released, I downloaded my copy. I'm so glad that I did, I LOVED it!Andreau is a vampire and Javier's brother. He is a very strong character. Not only physically, but emotionally. He is a very passionate person, but he doesn't want to fall in love. He believes this is a weakness.Varya is a succubus. She is an intriguing character. Being fae, she is lured into the theatre by the sexual energy created by the act on stage. When she sees Andreau, she is puzzled by him and decides she must meet him.This is another fantastic erotic romance by Felicity Heaton that had the pages almost catching fire with the heat they produced!I loved Andreau's character as he struggled with his feelings. He is a typical Alpha male, but he is not looking for love. Once he realises he had feelings for Varya, he quickly turns protective and loving. Please note that this book is very explicit and has a scene of m/m/f interaction. Therefore, I don't recommend this book to anyone under the age of 16, or if you are not into threesomes/orgies. I do recommend this book if you are looking for a HOT read that will get your temperature rising! I'm now looking forward to the next book in the series, Bewitch.