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A Boy Named Ray: Story of Love, Respect and Family Values

A Boy Named Ray: Story of Love, Respect and Family Values - Marissa Marchan I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic children's book, that takes the reader through a boat load of emotions.Theo is a wonderful character. He has a loving heart, but he has a disfigurement that people don't try to see behind. He has suffered a lot in his life, but with his wife, he is determined to find peace.Mary also suffers with a disfigurement, but she is more fragile emotionally than her husband. She too has a warm and loving heart, but living in a village that only looks at the surface rather than the person underneath, takes it's toll.Ray is their child. He is a special boy. He seems wiser than his age, and has made friends with the wind, water, fire and earth.As I started reading this story, I found myself wanting to shake the villagers out of their shallowness. Just because someone looks different, there is no need to call them names or be cruel. Having been on the end of taunts as a child, I know that name calling can be extremely hurtful. I fell in love with the characters as they struggled with the unjust behaviour of the villagers. Theo and Mary are great believers in strong family values like respect, love, being kind to others and listening when needed.Ray is a sweet boy who captured my heart! His bravery is exceptional. Mind you, children very rarely think about danger; they just plough on ahead and do it. I think that we adults tend to over-analyse things, and see dangers bigger than they actually are. Ray sees a problem and tries to fix it, no matter what.Marissa Marchan has written a book that not only entertains, but is very inspirational to children. It also teaches the importance of family and kindness and tolerance towards others. It does have a religious factor in the story telling, but it is not overly so. I recommend this book as a fantastic bedtime story to read to your children. However, if you have children of seven or older (depending on their reading age), they will be able to read it for themselves, as there are no "big" words that would confuse them. - Lynn Worton (WaAR)