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I am a copy editor and proofreader and an avid reader. Some would call me a bookworm. My favourite genres are: Romance, Romantic Erotica, Mystery, Thrillers, YA, Paranormal, Supernatural, Science Fiction, General Fiction and Children's Books. I also have a Facebook page where I put all my reviews: Book Reviews by Lynn. You are welcome to join me there too. You are welcome to follow, comment and enquire.


Bombshell - Mike Faricy Review 7*******I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.Ever since I was introduced to Dev Haskell, P.I. in Mike Faricy's book Russian Roulette, I have loved these stories!Dev Haskell is a P.I. with a roving eye for the ladies. He is suave and charming, but tends to find himself in some unusual situations. And in this book, there is no exception!I love these books because, not only are they exceedingly well written, they are filled with action and adventure. Reading this novel, I could not help but tut and shake my head at Dev's actions! He may be a man's man with an appreciation of the female person but, to me, he's a bit of a pervert! That being said, he does have a few redeeming qualities though. In this book there is less bed hopping and more detective work. When he turns his attention to his work, he is very thorough and gets results. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, and was completely engrossed in the story. I especially loved all the names the English roller derby ladies went by. They made me smile. Here's a small sample: Helen Killer, Maiden Bed, Brandi Manhattan and Cheatin Hart, not to mention Spankie! Mike Faricy has written another fantastic detective novel full of danger and suspense that captured my attention, and held it until the final page! Bombshell is an apt title for this book! If you are looking for a fast paced detective story, then look no further! I highly recommend this book, and series! I'm looking forward to reading more of Dev's adventures in the future. - Lynn Worton (WaAR)