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The Diamond Seekers

The Diamond Seekers - Jack Everett, David Coles I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic thriller that caught and held my attention from the first page.Philip Madden is an ex MI5 Agent, who cracked codes for a living. He is a complex character. He was a loving husband and father, but lost his family in a terrible accident.Alberto Lorente, aka The Prince, is the head of a crime family that has a hand in every conceivable crime: drugs, prostitution, gun running, the list goes on. He is a ruthless businessman, but he also has a soft side for his family.This is a fantastically written thriller that is very fast paced; there is enough suspense, mystery and intrigue to keep the reader hooked. I struggled to put this book down! This story kicks off with a phone call that changes the lives of all the characters involved.What unfolds is a story that is masterfully crafted to get the heart pumping! There is danger, mystery and a treasure hunt. There are a few well placed red herrings that, just when you think you have it sussed out, throw doubt on what you thought and have you changing your mind. The ending has a massive twist that completely threw me! I had a sneaking suspicion about one of the characters, but I certainly didn't know the whole tale, and it was a complete surprise! I loved it!The double team of Jack Everett and David Coles has created a very exciting read that takes you from England to Austria and back again. This story is told from many different points of view, which makes it feel like you are actually there, watching events unfold. If you are looking for an exciting, suspenseful thriller, then I highly recommend this book. - Lynn Worton (WaAR)