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Obumbrate (The Illumine Series)

Obumbrate: 2 - Alivia Anders I received this Advance Reader Copy from the author in return for an honest review.This is the second book in the Illumine series. I loved the first book, so I was eagerly anticipating reading this book. It certainly didn't disappoint! I loved it too!Essallie Hanley is a fantastic character. She has had to deal with a lot of changes, and the loss of a friend. She is an emotionally strong person, but even Essallie has her limits. With the assistance of Ari, she hopes to find the answers she so desperately needs.Ari is a charming and brave. I loved his character; He has suffered a tragic loss of his own. I think there are many layers to him, and I am looking forward to finding out what they are.This story swept me up, and I struggled to put the book down! I was a little disappointed that there was less of Kayden in the story. However, I got to meet another hottie in the guise of a Nephilim. Ari brings a new dimension into the story, and also the possibility of romance. However, I'm team Kayden (even though he is a demon!). When Kayden and Essallie are together, the scenes smolder on the page, and Kayden bursts into smoke! Ari, to me, is more like a brother figure. I'm not sure if things will change in the future. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I am now eagerly awaiting the next installment to this fantastic YA paranormal series.Alivia Anders has written another fast paced, action packed novel that has several twists and turns that left me breathless! I highly recommend this YA paranormal book if you love a unique story filled with angels and demons. - Lynn Worton