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A Rendezvous to Die For

A Rendezvous to Die For - Betty McMahon I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic detective novel! I loved it!Cassandra Cassidy is a wonderful character. She is a free-lance photographer. She owns her own company, and usually takes photos of weddings. Attending a Rendezvous (a social event for trading), she becomes a suspect in a murder.This detective novel is a wonderful read! I struggled to put it down! I loved the whole concept of the story. I have always been fascinated by tales of the Wild West. I found myself picturing the scenes of this book in my head. The descriptions of the clothing and weapons used by the townsfolk of the 1830's was masterfully portrayed through the written word. The attention to detail shows that the author had done a lot of research for this book. There were a lot of red herrings and twists, so it made it extremely difficult to figure out who the actual killer was. When I found out, I was completely surprised!Betty McMahon has written a fast paced detective novel full of danger, suspense and mystery. I would love to read more of this authors work in the future. I recommend this book if you love mysteries, suspense or detective novels. - Lynn Worton