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The Refugees: A Jazz Nemesis novel vol. 2 (Volume 2)

The Refugees: A Jazz Nemesis novel vol. 2 (Volume 2) - L.M. Smith Review 6******I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is the second book in the Jazz Nemesis series. WOW! I thought the first book was exciting, but this book takes it to another level! I absolutely LOVED it!Jasmine Marshall (Jazz to her friends) is an intriguing character. Thanks to the experiments done to her (and her friends) in the first book, she has the ability to feel emotions of those around her. Together with the others in her group, Piper (a vampire), Gordon (a psychic), Kaori (teenager with power of telekinesis) and Beck (unknown powers), Jazz escapes from Kolob, and they find themselves travelling to the city of Tangier. There they meet Jovhanna, a woman who has set up a shelter for the survivors of "The Maya Virus". However, is everything as it seems?This is a fast paced, thrilling ride of rollercoaster proportions! The story is so well written, it felt like I was actually there! I found myself turning the pages, just to find out what mysteries would be solved, only to have more questions pop up! To say that this book is 512 pages long, it didn't feel long enough for me! I love all the characters, even the enigmatic Jovhanna. Her reasons for joining the group was very suspicious to me, but as the story unfolded and I finally had my answer, I still didn't feel any malice towards her. However, with the addition of Gabriel, the hotness level of the guys vying for Jazz's attention sure perked me up! Smokin' is all I'm saying! :)_ (me with drool! lol!). The ending of the book certainly left me wanting to know more! I just hope that my fears are unfounded about Jazz, as she is acting very odd! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!L.M. Smith has written a fantastic psychological thriller that also crosses several other genres, especially paranormal fiction and dystopian fiction. This story has had my heart pounding with dread and excitement in equal measure! To say that this is only the second book I have read by this author, I have definitely added her to my favourites list, and will read any of her books in the future.I highly recommend this book if you love psychological thrillers, paranormal fiction, dystopian fiction, horror or urban fantasy. - Lynn Worton