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Atone (The Patronus: #2.5)

Atone - Sarah M. Ross This is a fantastic novella! I have read Awaken, so when I found out that the author had written Max's story, I quickly got myself a copy.Max Kensington is a fantastic character. He is a loving husband and father. Tragedy sees that stripped away, and he is left grief-stricken. For many years, whilst performing his duties as a Patronus (a guardian to spirits), he has remained bitter. It's not until he meets Lucy that he realises that she is his soulmate.Reading this novella has given me a huge insight into Max and his actions in Awaken. It has made me love him even more! Losing a loved one is hard, and his bitterness and grief are palpable. Unfortunately, this also has him acting like a total jerk. Finding Lucy may just be his salvation. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in The Patronus Series, Avenge.Sarah M. Ross has written a wonderful companion piece to the main Patronus series. I highly recommend this novella to those who have read Awaken. I also highly recommend reading Awaken and Atone to those who have yet to read this fantastic YA Romance series. - Lynn Worton