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Crushed - Dawn Rae Miller This is a fantastic YA Romance told from the male point of view.Fletch Colson is a seventeen year old who has slept with virtually every girl in the school. In my opinion, if he was a female, he would be labelled a slut. He is very charming and likeable to his fellow classmates. However, to me, he is a thoughtless, selfish jerk, who doesn't take his life seriously. When he makes a bet with his friends that he can be "just friends" with a girl, he is unprepared for the feelings she stirs in him.Although I haven't read many books from the male point of view, Fletch's story is one that touched me. I went to a high school that had borders (staying on campus), but I was never one myself, so I don't know what went on personally, but I imagine it went something like this story. As I started reading this story, I didn't like Fletch very much. His selfishness and thoughtlessness grated on me. However, as the story progressed, and I found out there was some hidden motives, and a bit of manipulation going on by certain characters in this book, I was completely on Fletch's side. By the time I reached the end of the story, I was cheering him on!Dawn Rae Miller has written a fantastic YA Romance, but be prepared for lots of bad language and mention of sex and sex acts;It is not explicit or erotic, but there's a lot of it! Therefore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. However, if you love YA romance (+17), this one is for you. - Lynn Worton