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Audio/Book Review of Through A Glass Darkly by Miss Mae

Through A Glass Darkly - Miss Mae

Computer viruses no longer exist, yet Vexen’s medical transport is held hostage by one. The hologram engineered to combat the deadly program develops an identity crisis. An alien intruder is discovered stowed away in the cargo bay. And the evil reptilian Delphan demands immediate surrender of her ship. Can anything else possibly go wrong?


Review 5*


I received a complimentary audiobook code from the author in return for an honest review.


This is a fantastic short science fiction horror story. I loved it!


Vexen Reinhart is a fantastic character. I liked her a lot. She is the captain of a medical transport, taking medical supplies to one of the space ports in the sector. When her ships computer becomes infected with a computer virus, Vex finds herself facing several challenges.


I was contacted by the author as I had previously listened to, and enjoyed, a few of her other books in audio format. I accepted her offer with pleasure.


As this is a short story, it didn't take long to listen to; just over an hour to be precise. I absolutely LOVED Owen McCuen's portrayal of the various characters; from the computer, to the creepy reptilian Delphan. Each character had their own personality and accent. I could listen to Owen McCuen reading all day, every day. He's previously read one of Miss Mae's other books, Ahoy Gum Drop!, which I also loved.


As I said before, this is only a short story, but it is full of action and adventure. The storyline is compelling and I found myself engrossed. There are a few twists that had me sitting on the edge of my seat. My only complaint was that it (the story) was too short! However, the ending sent a shiver down my spine. It left me with a feeling of foreboding and had me wondering "What if?". But, that was a scary proposition, so I hope my fears are not true for Vex. It was a perfect read for Halloween. However, this book would be enjoyable all year round if you love science fiction with a hint of horror.


Miss Mae has written a wonderful piece of science fiction. I love her writing style, which is fast paced and exciting, and the flow is wonderful. I am a huge fan of Miss Mae and I will be keeping an eye out for more of her books in the future.


I highly recommend this book to readers who love science fiction, horror, mystery and suspense, or to those who are looking for a quick, but highly entertaining read. - Lynn Worton