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Book Review of Rise Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm Book 5) by Dianna Hardy

Rise Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm Book 5) - Dianna Hardy

With the king returned after twenty years absent, wolves across the country – even Europe – are coming out of hiding to show their support. And not a moment too soon, for dark shadows from the past are taking centre stage in the lives of the four who lead the Surrey pack.


Is the royal line corrupt? Where do storm-wielders truly come from? And how does an ancient Egyptian mythology fit into the confused present?


As the moon begins to wax once more, answers start to surface. However, they may come too late to save their species from extinction.

The bond between the mated four is stronger than ever; a future worth fighting for is within reach... But The Trident have a new leader – one who will do anything to survive. And the knowledge one old woman harbours could be enough to destroy everything.


(Written in British English. Contains scenes of explicit sex and violence that some readers may find disturbing.)


Review 5*


This is the fifth book in the Eye Of The Storm Series. I loved it!


Lydia is a fantastic character. I have really liked her from the start. She is a strong and stubborn woman, but she has not had it easy being a storm-wielder, mated to three sexy werewolves. After the battle with the Tridents, she is now grieving the death of her best friend, Brendon, and her father. However, there is more challenges to come. Will she manage to keep her family together, or will Selena get her revenge?


I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book for months (almost a year)! I started reading this story and couldn't put it down. In fact, I read this in one sitting! The story continues from the end of the fourth book and is again told from various points of view. I have missed these wolves a lot!


I am still a little speechless about this book. It completely blew me away! In this book we get to see a little of Gladys's past. She has been a mysterious woman for most of the series, so being able to see her history in the manner of flashbacks or dreams brought her more to life. Her story is not a particularly nice one. I really felt for her as she dealt with some really nightmarish and hair-raising events and made me understand her a little more. However, it's the shocking revelations that are revealed later in the book that completely left me breathless. Now I'm worried what this will mean for the quartet in the near future.


Selena is not my most favourite of characters, but even I felt for her as she had to make a most difficult choice. Again, I wonder what the future holds for her.


I love how the relationship between the four: Lydia, Lawrence, Ryan and Taylor has grown even more.

Lawrence is not one to show his vulnerability much, as he hides behind a wall he erected to protect himself. However, it touched me deeply that he would drop his defenses to show his vulnerability to Lydia. He has come a long way since his arrogant facade in book one. I don't normally include quotes in my reviews, but I love what Lydia says to Lawrence, "They never got you, don't you know that? You irritating, charming, stubborn, evolved, intolerable, sweet, complex, caring, melodramatic bastard with your heart of gold. They never got you. You're wholly you, and you're perfect.", and it's true.

Ryan and Taylor. What can I say? I love these two men as individuals, but as they become closer, I love them as a couple; they made me envious. I love the scene in the van. It made my knees go weak, it was that hot! The bedroom scene is just as sensual. I love the way the author has written those scenes, as it shows the love these characters have for each other. I haven't read many m/m stories, but those I have read pale in comparison.


The story has several twists and turns, not to mention shocking revelations, and is masterfully told. The sensual heat factor in the story is hot enough to start a fire, and the ending has left me wanting more! I cannot wait to read the next book as soon as possible!


Dianna Hardy is one of my favorite authors. I love her writing style, which is fast paced and fluid. Reading her books are a joy, and I will continue to read them for as long as she keeps writing them.


Due to the explicit sensual content and some bad language, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love HOT erotic paranormal romances with sexy werewolves. Please note there is m/f and m/m action in this book, as well as violence, and may offend some readers. - Lynn Worton