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Book Review of Ghosts of Blackwell Book One Blackwell Trilogy by S.M. Bysh

Ghosts of Blackwell Book One Blackwell Trilogy - S.M. Bysh

Things go bump in the night. But not what you may think. More sinister is afoot. Darren Duncan Randall a new mild-mannered clerk at a new station, finds himself under the spell of a mysterious captivating figure. As Chaos ensues, can Darren break this spell before before death and disaster come knocking at the door.

Review 2*

This is the first book in the Blackwell Trilogy. It is set, intriguingly in 1831 and introduces the reader to Darren Duncan Randall and a mystery that quickly turns into horror.

This is the first 2 star review I have written since I began writing reviews. I really don't like doing it, but feel that I must be painfully honest.

The beginning of the story (the prologue) intrigued me. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there. As this is only a short story, I didn't really get a good impression of the characters. Therefore, I found them rather one dimensional and under-developed. They also contradicted themselves within the space of a sentence! One minute Darren and Morgana are very much in love, the next she loathes him with a passion. The story is extremely confusing and seems to jump around a lot; some of the story seems missing and random characters appear with no real reason. There is also an issue with tenses. Sentences have both past and present tenses in them, so a reader doesn't know if the characters are coming or going! This also causes a problem with the flow. I also don't know if the author had a problem with the formatting when uploading the book, but some quotation marks have been turned into capital E's or missing altogether. The suspense and horror is lost amongst the confusion and this made me grateful that the book is currently free and I didn't waste money on something that is this bad. This book has potential to be quite atmospheric and spooky, but it needs a complete overhaul, with a re-write to flush out the confusion and a proper edit and proofread done to give it a professional polish.

This is S.M. Bysh's debut novella. She has the potential to make a wonderful horror writer as she has a vivid imagination. However, she needs to watch her tenses and develop her characters and dialogue more. I would be interested to find out how she grows as an author in the future.

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this book as it is written (at the time of writing this review) to lovers of horror, but if you do decide to download this book in the future, I hope that the above issues have been sorted out and you will have a better experience than myself. - Lynn Worton