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Yellowcake (The Trihedral of Chaos Trilogy)

Yellowcake (The Trihedral of Chaos Trilogy) - Frank A. Ruffolo I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is the third and final book in the Trihedral Trilogy. I loved it!Steve Ciccone (Chic to his friends) has retired from the FSA (again!), and he and his wife, Diane, are visiting his family in the US. He's a fantastic character; he is very charismatic and charming.Steve's friend, George "Geo" Jackson has taken over Steve's job at the FSA. He is also a fantastic character. He has a very sharp mind and is dedicated to protecting the citizens of the United States.This is an exciting and thrilling conclusion to an amazing trilogy. I loved this story. It has a spine chilling reality to what could possibly happen if terrorists could get their hands on some uranium ore to create a dirty bomb. I loved how this story is told. There has been a lot of either research or experience by the author, as there is a lot of fine detail in the writing. This book brought my fears to the forefront of my mind. I find myself completely horrified that anyone would want to use uranium ore for weapons. I'm not a big fan of nuclear power. Although it is a "clean" source of energy, the waste is a health hazard, not only to humans, but the Earth as a whole. I sometimes wish that the atom had never been split. There will always be this threat hanging over the Earth that could potentially kill us all. As they say, one man's warrior is another man's terrorist. And as long as there is greed, there will always be someone willing to martyr themselves for "the cause". I cannot see how blowing yourself, and thousands of innocent people, up will achieve anything but death and destruction (except one less mad person to create havoc). If there is life after death, I believe that you reap what you sow.Frank Ruffolo has written an amazing series that is full of danger, intrigue and adventure. I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love thrillers/suspense. - Lynn Worton