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The Summoner (The Legends of Arth)

The Summoner  - Randy Massey This is a fantastic fantasy novel that grabbed me from the first page! I loved it!I usually do a character breakdown at this point, but with this story it is very difficult to do as there are so many different characters and they each have their own personalities. The story is told as a narration by The Great Atuvus, in the oral tradition to the children around a fire. He spins the most fantastical and exciting tale night after night. As he tells the story, he not only captured the children's attention and imagination, he captured mine to. I was riveted by the prose and the flow of the story. The story follows Raven and Le-thon as they travel through strange lands and face many perils on their quest to save Raven's family from the clutches of N'atax.I love reading fantasy, because I can let my imagination run riot! Where else can you find talking trees and fantastical flying beings? I did find some of the scenes in the story a bit long and drawn out, but all in all, this book was a most exciting rollercoaster ride with action and adventure of epic proportions! The boar-riders gave me the heeby-jeebies! I certainly wouldn't want to meet these guys any time soon - They are quite scary! N'atax was terrifying! There are also some wonderful, and helpful, characters that made me smile. Pa-Tee and Pa-Tu are brothers, and are the sweetest of characters; I just wanted to hug them! I loved the ending of the story, and it left me all warm and fuzzy!Randy Massey has written an amazing fantasy that is action packed, fast paced and completely absorbing. I would be interested in reading the next book in The Legends of Arth series, Daedalus Rises. I highly recommend this book if you love fantasy, action and adventure. - Lynn Worton