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The Man of my Dreams (The Dream series)

The Man of My Dreams - Gladys Quintal I love a good romance, so when I saw this book, I thought it sounded interesting. And interesting it was!Cassie is a fantastic character. She is a loving and warm person, but she has a secret. When she goes to sleep, she is visited by her dream man. He has been in her dreams since she was 17 years old.We never find out his name, but this mysterious man is very much alive and in love with Cassie. He protects her, and others like her, from the human monsters living in the world, even though he sees himself as a monster too; he's a vampire and under a curse.I loved how Gladys Quintal showed points of view from both Cassie and her dream man, but I wished that we got to see more of the mysterious man. He intrigued me! Hopefully, the second book in the series will show more from his side of the story. There are some serious subjects brought up in this book, namely sexual abuse, 2 attempted rape scenes and a serial killer, so I do not recommend this book for anyone who has a nervous disposition or is under the age of 16. However, I recommend this book if you are looking for a fantastic romance novel with a paranormal twist.