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The Earth Painter - Melissa Turner Lee Review 7 out of 5After her father is made redundant, Holly Scruggs moves with her family back to her parents home town of Chesnee from Charleston. Starting at a new school is not easy and Holly is uncomfortable at making friends, so she reads her Kindle. When an error on her school schedule sends her to Drama Club, Holly is horrified. She notices a boy sitting on the stage, but no one else seems to. She finds out that Theo is an immortal who painted the world into being. When another painter targets Holly, will her world be shattered forever?I LOVED THIS BOOK! I had read this book prior to Melissa being published, and I still think this book is AMAZING! The story is original and looks at the creation of Earth in a totally different way. What if there was a sculptor who had created the world, but he was alone, so he created the painters to literally paint the world with life?I loved all the characters in the book. Holly is a teenager who has an overbearing mother and is always telling her that she is not good enough. Theo is the Earth painter, created to paint the plants and animals into existence. No one is supposed to notice the painters, but Theo is surprised when Holly can see him. I also especially liked Khai-Ree-Hloa-Theo, Theo's much put upon assistant painter. I felt sorry for him, because he had made one error long ago and Theo was still punishing him for it! Then there are the other painters, Fritz (Water) and Walden (Sky). The creator also made the Sciences : Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology and Astronomy. It's fantastic to have the sciences as people interacting with humans, who have no idea of their existence! It makes for extremely entertaining reading!The way that Melissa has woven this story is totally magical! I was very sad when the story ended, as I wanted it to continue! Luckily it looks like there is a sequel planned, as there is mention of The Man Painter coming soon! I very highly recommend that you read this book, whether you are religious or not, because it is the most beautifully, and heartbreakingly, written piece of fiction I have read in a long time.