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The Conduit (Gryphon Series)

The Conduit (The Gryphon Series) - Stacey Rourke Eighteen year old Celeste Garrett just wants to be like other teenagers - go to college, have fun and make bad choices - but thanks to a pact made by one of her ancestors in the 17th century to a mystical creature, she has to save the world.I loved this book! It is a refreshing change to read about other mythical beings, rather than just the usual suspects - vampires, werewolves etc. I'm not disrespecting the authors of said books, but I've always been intrigued with the other beings which are not in the mainstream psyche. Mainly Banshees, Sphinxes, Pixies, Trolls and Gryphon's to name a few. Ever since I was a small child and my mother began reading fairy tales to me, I have always wondered "What if?". This is what started me on my love of the paranormal world.The Conduit is a fantastic tale. I love the characters. Celeste is the middle child (like me) and seems to have a level head on her shoulders. However, she has a tendency to have a smart mouth, which gets her in to trouble. Her older brother, Gabriel (Gabe for short) has made a few mistakes, but he's trying to sort himself out. Kendall, her younger sister, is still in high school. Their Grandmother is an eccentric character! I wish I had a Grandmother like her, even though it would embarrass me like you wouldn't believe! She does, however, give sage advice. However, I would have liked a bit more interaction between Celeste and the Gryphon. Hopefully, there will be as this series continues.Stacey Rourke has written a fantastic novel that is full of action, danger and wit. I highly recommend you read this book. I hope to read more of Stacey's work in the future.