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Tangled Blood Lines

Tangled Blood Lines - Deborah Noel Cianna Fitzgerald retired as a crime scene investigator five years previously, after her husband's twin brother's brutal murder.When Cianna witnesses a killing where the murderer is a vampire, she decides to re-investigate the grizzly murder of her Brother-In-Law and all her other cold cases.When her daughter goes missing soon after, Cianna and her estranged husband, Declan, travel half way across the world to save their child. As they get closer to the truth, Cianna learns that she's not half "Irish Pixie" as she has been lead to believe. Can Cianna and Declan solve the murders and locate their daughter in time?As I began to read this story, I was struck by how well written the scenes were. I loved how Deborah Noel has created this world filled with the supernatural. The attention to detail is incredible, and the way the crimes were described seemed to be very well researched.Cianna is a young retired crime scene investigator, who has seen the most horrendous crimes. She is a strong character and has an eye for the finest of details, which made her a fantastic crime scene investigator. Declan is her estranged husband who is also an investigator. He is also a very strong character. However, they both share an ability to "speak" telepathically with each other. When their daughter goes missing, they team up to try and locate her. And in the process, try to solve some of the cases Cianna had been working on before she retired.Deborah Noel has written a fast paced thriller, filled with action, vampires, wolves and witches that caught and held my attention until the last page. When I reached the last page, I was disappointed, because I wanted to know what happens next! It finishes on a cliffhanger that felt a bit anticlimactic to me, but I am hoping to remedy that as soon as the next book becomes available.This book is not for the faint of heart, or those with a nervous disposition. There are graphic descriptions of horrendous crimes. However, if you love a good mystery/detective story (think CSI but with paranormal beings), this one is for you and I highly recommend it.