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Russian Roulette - Mike Faricy PI Devlin Haskell has been hired to find his latest client's sister. After a one night stand with his client, Devlin finds himself unwittingly involved with the Russian mob. Whilst trying to get answers, Dev finds himself being shot, beaten, car bombed and used as a human shield. Will his luck hold out long enough to find his client's sister?PI Devlin Haskell seems to have the devils own luck. When his client asks him to help locate her missing sister, he doesn't realise what he is getting into. His innocent investigation takes a decidedly dangerous turn when he is shot and ends up on the Russian mob's radar!This is the first time I've read one of Mike Faricy's novels, and I was struck by how the PI managed to get himself into so many incidents without getting himself killed! He is a charming womaniser who thinks women are great. However, there are a few of his ex-girlfriends who would not return the compliment! I tend to agree with them! Dev comes across as a player, and I'm surprised he hasn't caught anything with all the bed hopping going on!However, I loved the story as it unfolded. I think that I'm in love with Dev's best friend, Lieutenant Aaron LaZelle! I love his witty and irreverent comments! They made me snigger! - Can I keep him please?Mike Faricy has written a fantastic novel that kept me hooked from the first page. I actually have another one of his books downloaded on my Kindle, and I am now looking forward to reading it soon! I recommend this book if you love a detective story with a likeable (or is it un-likeable?) rogue as the hero.