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Remembering Zane

Remembering Zane - J.S. Wilsoncroft Bonnie Reece has always loved Zane Withers, ever since she was ten years old. But when she finds out that he was killed in an accident, she is totally devastated. At the funereal, she meets Zane's best friend, Jonathan Woods. Jonathan has loved Bonnie since the 7th grade, but Bonnie never knew. Now they've met again, will Jonathan finally pluck up his courage and tell Bonnie his secret?This is a short romance story of 52 pages, but it is well written and full of emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, even though it was also very sad. I shed a few tears for a character I'd never met, but looking through the eyes of the two main characters, I could feel he was a kind and caring person who would be sadly missed. Bonnie and Jonathan are two friends who have lost another best friend, but their loss brings them together.I would like to thank the author, Jamie Wilsoncroft, for her generous gift of an e-book copy of this book to read. I will always be remembering Zane from now on. I look forward to reading more of her stories in the future.