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Liam and the Grump - Graham Austin-King This is a super children's book for the age range of 4-8 years old.Liam is a precocious child, who has a nasty temper. I loved this little boy, as he tried to tame his temper by getting rid of it. I could have told him that his method wouldn't work, because I've tried it myself! But, pull it out he does! Now he has a temper that is running amok! What then happens is an adventure that every child can somewhat relate to! I know, because I was one once (hard to believe, I know!).This is a fantastic story book about trying to control your temper. It is told in such a way that it entertains, and keeps even the most shortest attention span hooked! I love the illustrations that are drawn in the book. They are done artfully and with great expression. I especially love the one showing Liam besides his artwork on the wall. I could feel what he felt, because I've been in the same situation and could relate.Graham Austin-King has written a wonderful children's story that can be read as a bedtime story, or can be read by children (depending on reading ability).As there are pictures in this story, this book can only be read on tablets such as the iPad and on Kindle Fire's and android phones using reading apps. Unfortunately, if you have the ordinary Kindle, you will be unable to view it. However, a paperback is available. I highly recommend this book for children of all ages! (Yes, I mean you too Mums and Dads!). - Lynn Worton